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Armour Clad in LOVE: quarantine in NYC

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I use printmaking in combination with Nature to create animated video vignettes that share my thirst for color, nature, and unconditional LOVE, not conditional romance.

Since the March quarantine in NYC, I’ve been taking early morning walks through the nearby Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, NY, collecting tree parts to use as content for my video vignettes. Using skills from my years designing in the fashion industry, I’ve made a jacket and pair of pants from my prints to represent the idea of our earth, and all of humanity as being armour clad, and protected by LOVE.

Detail of stitched + printed jacket.

Detail of stitched + printed pants.

Image of ground layer.

Printmaking technique:

On 24” x 37” sheets of Japanese kozo paper I created a ground layer of pattern paper by using dried plants as a stencil together with printing multiple layers of plates inked with the transparent-like Akua Liquid Pigments.

To learn more about my printed decorative papers technique link to YouTube channel:

Inked laser cut plexi printing plate.

The final top layer was printed with the Akua Intaglio Inks using laser cut plexi printing plates. The sheen on the print was created by adding silver metallic intaglio ink to ultramarine blue + phthalo blue. The original designs for the laser cut plates were computer generated.

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